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About the Hill Country BMW Riders

Ready to join? Full membership requires ownership of a BMW motorcycle and a $20 annual fee. Associate membership requires only interest and the same $20 fee. Couples can join for $30. Visitors and guests are...
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Ready? Set? Get Published!

Do you have photos from your latest ride? Maybe a lengthy rider report or .gpx file you want to share with the club? Send it to us and we’ll put your name in lights on...
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Contact Hill Country Riders

Need to contact the club? Visit our Officers & Directors page for a list of direct contacts or complete the form below to reach our member service committee.   Notice: JavaScript is required for this...
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Club Bylaws

Need a little night time reading material? Hill Country club bylaws to the rescue! Hill-Country-BMW-Riders-Bylaws_Dec2023
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Club News


If you are a current BMW Motorcycle Owners of America member you can save big bucks on Original BMW Parts. Purchase in-store from our parts...

Mexican Minutes

The last significant trip report by an HCBMWR Club rider occurred a few months ago, in the form of  "Scott's Sprint to 'Sconsin" (sic) a...
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My D.A.R.T. Experience

"I've been riding since I was a kid!"  The phrase repeated over and over during a Zoom orientation just days before our class as riders...
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I Saw Miles and Miles of Texas

Thanks to Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel for that line. Of course, in our case it was "…we saw miles and miles of...
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MOA Getaway at Rustic 3 Step Hideaway

The BMW MOA and West38Moto are excited to bring you a one-of-a-kind Getaway and training opportunity at Rustic 3 Step Hideaway. Come join us May...
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HCBMWRA shows generosity again!

Although many of our club's activities were disrupted, altered, or just plain abandoned in 2020, one tradition remained unchanged.  This year the Hill Country BMW...
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Pay Attention

After an incredible eight-day, thirty-five-hundred-mile ride with Rich and Ollie through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah I came away with one undeniable truth---- On...
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MOA National News

Film trailer released for California North BDR

Film Trailer Released for the BDR California-North Project Seattle, WA - (January 17, 2024) – The adventure motorcycling non-profit, Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®), has just...
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BMW unveils 2024 F 900 GS

BMW Motorrad USA introduced the 2024 BMW F 800 GS, F 900 GS and F 900 GS Adventure in late January 2024. They redesigned these...
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Rebuilding an ’83 R 80 ST for charity

This 1983 R 80 ST is my fifth airhead rebuild/restoration project. I began doing this work back in 2009 and have published documentation on how...
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Time travel

Sci-fi depictions of time travel always show people going back to the past or ahead to the future. Ironically, that’s what many human beings spend...
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Yamaha Champions Riding School Announces Champ U: Traffic Survival.

Yamaha Champions Riding School, the premier motorcycle riding school in North America, is proud to announce a new Champions University digital curriculum: Traffic Survival. This...
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Everyone has a story

MOA member Alan Romefelt emailed me a question for The Ride Inside podcast (you can, too, at [email protected]) and I felt it deserved a response....
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The new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12

The new BMW R 12 nineT and R 12: a classic roadster for dynamic riding on country roads and a classic cruiser for cool, relaxed...
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International GS Trophy 2024

The destination of the Int. GS Trophy 2024 has been decided: the off-road adventure will take us to Namibia. Now that the Int. GS Trophy...
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