The Big Bend Trip is Canceled

Date posted: 3/20/2020  link

The Big Bend trip is canceled. Hopefully, this trip will be rescheduled in the future.

May Meeting Notes 2019

Date posted: 6/7/2019  link

Kevin called the meeting order at 7 PM. 1. The Treasurers report stated a balance of $1178.22 May YTD. 2. Kevin gave the group a pop quiz on some Texas landmarks and who could identify their location. Don't believe anyone aced all three. 3. Michelle gave a trip report on Big Bend and California BDR., 800+ miles of desert, mountains and that pesky DEEP sand ! 4.Mark inquired about anyone going to Colorado for the GS Giants rally. Meryl, Jeff and Michelle indicated they would be going. 5. Kevin mentioned Fourth of July club and request for venue suggestions for this year. 6. The raffle was $33, and Kevin was the winner with a split of $17 for the club and $16 to Kevin. 7. Attendees where: Jude Schexnyder, Kevin Good, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Rich Stott, Dave Barnett, Dave Schani, Ken Korn, Olie Leite, Meryl Stoller, Mark Johnson and JB Young.

Meeting Notes April 2019

Date posted: 5/1/2019  link

Kevin called the meeting order at 7 PM.

1. The Treasurers report stated a balance of $728.47 March YTD.

2. The Big Bend trip had 19 attendees.

3. Clean up was agreed for April 27.

4. No member responded to the request for nominations for officers. A motion was made and seconded to extend the current officers term for one year.

5. The raffle was $42, and Eric was the winner with a split of $21 for the club and $21 to Eric.

6. Rich, Ollie, Steve, and Eric renewed their membership.

7. Attendees where: Rick Carter, Steve Colwell, Jude Schexnyder, Eric Brubaker, Kevin Good, Jeff Acklen, Rich Stott, Dave Barnett, Dave Schani, Ken Korn, and Olie Leite.

Meeting Notes for March 2019

Date posted: 3/11/2019  link

Jeff Acklen called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

The following items were discussed:

1. It was agreed to have lunch on March 16 at 12 PM at Royer's Mountain Cafe in Round Top.

2.  Meryl provided the Financial report YTD with a balance of $608 plus deposit plus $100 in membership dues, plus $23 from the raffle, less expense of $2.93 for a closing balance of $728.47.

3. It was agreed to meet for Lunch at El Patio in Presidio, and for dinner  at the Blue Mountain Bistro on the Ft. Davis weekend.

4. It is time to register for the MOA mileage contest.

5. The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 PM.

Attendee's were: Rick Carter, Ken Korn, Dave Schani, Dave Barnett, Mick McCrary, Rich Stott, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Joe Aaron, Eric Brubaker, Mark Johnson, Meryl Stoller, JB Young, Bobby Kent, Kevin Good, and Harley Blake(Visitor).

Meeting Notes from February 2019

Date posted: 2/6/2019  link

Meeting Notes from February 2019. Kevin called the meeting  at 7PM.

1. Meryl provided the Financial report January YTD 2019. The opening balance was $415, with $210 in income for a closing balance of $608.40.

2. There was a discussion as the lunch destination for March 16. The suggestions were Carmine and Fayettville. The calendar will be updated with the lunch location.

3. The Facebook update is complete, and everyone appreciates Burnes effort on this project.

4. Jude provided a legislative update: HB748 is requirement for mandatory helmet. Additionally, Senate Bill HB273, and HB248 was introduced in regard to Lane Splitting for Motorcycle. For additionally information, please review the AMA Facebook page. Also, there is a Motorcycle Safety meeting in Kerrville on February 23. The details can be found at Look Learn, Live, org.website.

5. A motion was made and approved to provide Mark Rehlan, who is serving in Afghanistan, a membership renewal till March of 2020.

6. Attending were Alain Braux (visitor), Bobby Kent (new member), Mark Johnson, Petra and Robin Krugel, Dale Barnett, Roy Springer, Matt Baxter, (winner of the drawing), Chris Rice, Mike McCrary, Meryl Stoller, Kevin Good, Scott Cooper, Jude Schexnyder, Dave Schani, Ken Korn, Jim Van Cleaf, and Rick Carter

Kevin adjourned the meeting at 7:58 PM

Meeting Notes for January 2019

Date posted: 1/9/2019  link

Kevin called the meeting to order.

1. The Financial report YTD had an opening balance of $1208, and expenses of $322 for the Christmas party, and a $500 donation to Austin Area Food Bank. The closing balance is $416.73.

2. The Facebook update is complete and there are currently about 160 users. Please locate Hill Country BMW Riders and request to be added this closed user group.

3. The website overall is almost complete.

4. It was agreed that the Spring ride to Big Bend will be 3-28 to 3-31-2019. The Stone Lodge Tourist Court in FT. Davis will be the host hotel.

5. The Breakfast locations are being reviewed, and lunch locations will be added in 2019. The objective is to provide a  quarterly calendar of Breakfast and Lunch locations for HCBMR.

6. It was agreed that the Secretary will send out monthly reminders for members that their membership should be renewed.

The attendees where Ken Korn, Rick Carter, Kevin Good, Dave Schani, Rich Stott, Michelle Farrell, Jeff Acklen, Jason Wheeler (new member), and Meryl Stoller.

Kevin adjourned the meeting at 7:35 PM.


Rick Carter


Meeting Notes November 2018

Date posted: 11/7/2018  link

November Meeting Notes.

Jeff called the meeting to order at 7PM.

1. The annual roadside clean up was discussed, and it will be on Saturday November 17, after breakfast at Blanco Bowling Alley Cafe.

2. The Christmas party was discussed. Steve Colwell volunteered his home for the party. Jeff requested the Secretary send out an information email requesting input for the Christmas party.

3.Burnes and Michelle gave an update on the development and updated of the website. A Facebook page had been established by a member, and the page will be given to HCBMWR to manage. There were many comments and suggestions. The final update will be approved before implementation.

4. Mike McCrary has another photo in the November issue of the MOA magazine.

5. Jude discussed safety, and reviewed the results of new studies from the Texas Transportation Institute. Check look learn live.org for more information.

6. The Treasurer's report stated and balance of $1174.77 October YTD. Everyone agreed that HCBMWR will make a charity contribution of $600 in 2018.

7. Members in attendance, Rick Carter, Dave Barnett, Ken Korn, Dave Schani, Burnes Hollyman, Jude Schexnyder, Mike McCrary, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Rich Stott, Ollie Leite, Erick Brubaker, Steve Colwell, and Meryl Stoller. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Meeting Notes for October 2018

Date posted: 10/8/2018  link

Kevin called the meeting to order at 7PM.

1. The Financial report with a balance of $1266.53 September 2018 YTD was reported by Meryl.

2. Kevin noted that Dave Schani was the number one mileage rider for Texas for the winter contest as noted in the BMW ON magazine. Congratulations Dave.

3. Rich recapped the New Mexico ride. 11 members participated in the ride staying in Alamogordo. Everyone enjoyed the Green Chilies and BBQ in Cloud Croft.

4. Mark discussed the Russellville ARK ride. Two members were going on this ride.

5. Robin discussed the Distinguished Gentleman Charity Ride. HCBMWRIDERS donated $200 for his effort. There were 200 plus riders with 3 stops, and the event raised over $25,000 for this event.

6. Robin also mentioned the Petra attended the Lace, Grace, and Gears event held in Llano for the third year. There were over 500 women riders that attend the event on September 28-30.

7. Kevin discussed updating the Hill Country BMW Riders website. There were many comments by the group. Burns, Rich, Michelle, and Mike agreed to develop ideas for the website with the objective of allowing more member input to achieve the goal of the website being contemporary and reflecting the members activities.

8. Kevin discussed developing an information sheet that would be given to Woods BMW. Hill Country would offer a one year free membership to HCBMWRIDERS, with any BMW sold by Woods.Hopefully, this will help increase the current membership.  Additionally, Michelle agreed to develop the information sheet, and Robin and Rick agreed to discuss with Wood's BMW.

9. A lunch ride on Saturday was discussed and this will be added to the riding opportunities shortly.

10. Jude is the AMA-Texas Chapter Representative  with the Texas Legislature. Please visit the AMA Facebook page to review current issues.

Kevin adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM

Members in attendance were Rick Carter, Jude Schexnyder, Jim Van Cleaf, Rich Stout, Robin Jones, Brock Molter, Kevin Good, Ken Korn, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, JB Young, Burnes Hollyman, Dharma Wheeler, Mark Johnson, Art Zeitz, and Meryl Stoller.

Meeting Notes Seotember 2018

Date posted: 9/8/2018  link

Meeting Notes August 2018.

Date posted: 8/13/2018  link

Kevin called the meeting to order at 7 PM. The following items were discussed:

1. Kevin recognized a guest, Eduardo Anderson. Ed has a GS and will be riding with the group soon.

2. The Treasurer report had an opening balance of $1742, and closing balance of $1401.77.  The expenses for the Fourth of July party and the hat order lowered the balance.

3. Mike  McCrary presented photos of the five week trip to Alaska that he and his group recently completed. The group made it to the arctic circle. It was very interesting. Please contact Mike for details if you missed the meeting.

4. Joe  Aaron gave a summary of the his groups trip to Maggie Valley NC, and they visited the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum, and Barber Museum.

5. Kevin discussed a Ride to New Mexico and Arkansas this fall. It was agreed to send out a survey to determine the interest and possible dates for this event.The Forum is available for member's to input their thoughts  concerning these two trips.

6. Additionally, David Alger and Steve Colwell discussed an opportunity to adopt a highway on 1431. There are two locations available at this time. One section is at Cow Creek, and the other section is 2 miles before Cow Creek. Erick explained the process that is involved in adopting a section of highway. Kevin agreed to determine  what was involved in moving from the current location on HWY 165. Additionally, there was comment to add another location and maintain the HWY 165 location.

7. Robin Jones attended the BMW rally in Iowa, and also presented the Distinguished Gentleman Ride to raise funds for Cancer Research.  A  motion was made and passed unanimously  to sponsor Robin for $200.

New members for this month are Ed Alexander, and Eric Miller. 

Twenty Five members were in attendance: Rick Carter, Steve Colwell, Joe Aaron, Mike McCrary, Kevin Good, Brock Molter, Rich Stott, Dave Schani, Michelle Farrell, Jeff Acklen, Mark Bied, Chris Rice, Matt Baxter, David Alger, Eric Brubaker, Ken Korn, Dave Barnett, Scott Cooper, Adam Caughron, Robin Jones, Ed Alexander, Mark Johnson, Art Zeitz, Ollie Leite, and Meryl Stoller.

The fifty/fifty drawing was won by Rick Carter. It was $39 for Rick and $39 for the Club. Thanks for everyone that contributed to the drawing.

Rick Carter

Hill Country BMW Riders Secretary

Meeting Notes June 2018

Date posted: 6/13/2018  link

Meeting Notes for June Meeting.

Kevin called the meeting to order at 7 PM. The following topics were discussed.

The Treasurer's report stated a balance of $1637.31 year to date.

Kevin related the danger of dehydration in the summer heat. Kevin stated that a hiker in Palo Duro Canyon had died from dehydration on short hike into the Canyon. Rich related that he was going to try the Cool Vest that is soaked in water and worn under neath rider gear. Michelle suggested freezing the vest before riding. 

The clean up crew of 14 member's picked up a lot of trash, and Kevin suggested twice a year clean.

Jeff discussed a bid for 40 hats and 100 T-shirts for about $1300. After several members made comments, it was agreed to wait to purchase new T-shirts. A special pre-order of hats will be made for a donation of $15 per hat.  The following T-shirts are available for a donation of $20. Poly-3 Larges, Cotton XXL 3, XL 23, LG 21, and 10 M. Please see Jeff at the Saturday Breakfast, or get one at the Fourth of July Party.

Kevin agreed to host the July 4  party at his home. The party will be at 9 AM. An email will be sent with the details.

Rick  won the drawing for $20, and $20 to the club.

Kevin adjourned the meeting at 7:50 PM

Attendees: Kevin Good, Rick Carter, Dave Schani, Greg G, Joe Aaron, Petra Krugel, Rich Stott, Jeff Acklen, and Michelle Farrell

Rick Carter


Meeting Notes May 2018

Date posted: 5/8/2018  link

Jeff called the meeting to order at 7PM.
Meryl reviewed the Financial Statement and the current balance is $1651 YTD.

The following items were discussed:
Mark gave a vivid account of his accident, and encouraged everyone to ride within their skill level.
Also, Mark commented that riding with someone allowed him to get help for his serious injury. Joe mentioned the Spot GPS device and related that if you ride alone that this device may save your life in the event of a crash in a remote area.  
Rich discussed the Dinosaur Museum at Big Bend. 
The club hat and t-shirt's were discussed, and Jeff will provide a bid for the re-order at the next meeting.
The annual club clean up of the sponsored highway near Blanco was discussed. Details for the date will follow soon. Steve suggested changing the sponsored highway area to FM 1431.

The meeting was adjourned at 8

Attendees:Joe Aaron, Ken Korn, Dave Schani, Rich Stott, Jim Van Cleaf, Mike McCrary, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Chris Rice, Meryl Stroller, Mark Johnson, David Alger, Steve Colwell, and Rick Carter

April 2018 Financial Statement

Date posted: 4/16/2018  link

View the April 2018 Financial Statement here.

Meeting Notes for March

Date posted: 3/11/2018  link

March 2018 Meeting Minutes can be read here.

Meeting Notes & Treasurer's Report for February

Date posted: 2/10/2018  link

Meeting Notes can be read here.

Treasurer's Report can be read here.

Talk about Alaska

Date posted: 1/5/2017  link

Hi Folks, 

We received the following email yesterday from a guy that lives in Alaska, rides a motorcycle and has written about both. I will copy his email below and you can read it. The club officers thought there would be interest in hearing what he has to say. The problem we face is finding a suitable place for a gathering like this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone want to volunteer their home? Contact myself or Kevin with any suggestions. There was actually 2 email exchanged:

From: Philip Freeman
Email: phil@motoquest.com
Comment: I am coming down from Alaska to go to the IMS Show in Dallas and also presenting about Alaska at Alamo BMW on February 1st. I wrote a book about riding Alaska and can help riders plan a dream of a lifetime there. The book is called "The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska". The co author happens to also live in Austin! I live in Girdwood, Alaska.

I have idea I would like to float to you...
I was wondering if there might be a possibility, since I will be in the area, to meet your group in an informal way (like somebody's house for a potluck or something) and just talk about details of Alaska and beyond. I could show some photos, or we could just pull out a map and go over it with the group.

I think an informal venue would be conducive to getting to know you and your group on a more personal level and also it would be more valuable for you in terms of information regarding riding to Alaska, ect.

Its always fun to talk about dream trips and I would very much like to spent that type of quality time with you and your group.

I look forward to your reply,


And the 2nd email:

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