Meeting Notes June 2018

Date posted: 6/13/2018

Meeting Notes for June Meeting.

Kevin called the meeting to order at 7 PM. The following topics were discussed.

The Treasurer's report stated a balance of $1637.31 year to date.

Kevin related the danger of dehydration in the summer heat. Kevin stated that a hiker in Palo Duro Canyon had died from dehydration on short hike into the Canyon. Rich related that he was going to try the Cool Vest that is soaked in water and worn under neath rider gear. Michelle suggested freezing the vest before riding. 

The clean up crew of 14 member's picked up a lot of trash, and Kevin suggested twice a year clean.

Jeff discussed a bid for 40 hats and 100 T-shirts for about $1300. After several members made comments, it was agreed to wait to purchase new T-shirts. A special pre-order of hats will be made for a donation of $15 per hat.  The following T-shirts are available for a donation of $20. Poly-3 Larges, Cotton XXL 3, XL 23, LG 21, and 10 M. Please see Jeff at the Saturday Breakfast, or get one at the Fourth of July Party.

Kevin agreed to host the July 4  party at his home. The party will be at 9 AM. An email will be sent with the details.

Rick  won the drawing for $20, and $20 to the club.

Kevin adjourned the meeting at 7:50 PM

Attendees: Kevin Good, Rick Carter, Dave Schani, Greg G, Joe Aaron, Petra Krugel, Rich Stott, Jeff Acklen, and Michelle Farrell

Rick Carter


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