Meeting Notes May 2018

Date posted: 5/8/2018

Jeff called the meeting to order at 7PM.
Meryl reviewed the Financial Statement and the current balance is $1651 YTD.

The following items were discussed:
Mark gave a vivid account of his accident, and encouraged everyone to ride within their skill level.
Also, Mark commented that riding with someone allowed him to get help for his serious injury. Joe mentioned the Spot GPS device and related that if you ride alone that this device may save your life in the event of a crash in a remote area.  
Rich discussed the Dinosaur Museum at Big Bend. 
The club hat and t-shirt's were discussed, and Jeff will provide a bid for the re-order at the next meeting.
The annual club clean up of the sponsored highway near Blanco was discussed. Details for the date will follow soon. Steve suggested changing the sponsored highway area to FM 1431.

The meeting was adjourned at 8

Attendees:Joe Aaron, Ken Korn, Dave Schani, Rich Stott, Jim Van Cleaf, Mike McCrary, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Chris Rice, Meryl Stroller, Mark Johnson, David Alger, Steve Colwell, and Rick Carter

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