Meeting Notes from February 2019

Date posted: 2/6/2019

Meeting Notes from February 2019. Kevin called the meeting  at 7PM.

1. Meryl provided the Financial report January YTD 2019. The opening balance was $415, with $210 in income for a closing balance of $608.40.

2. There was a discussion as the lunch destination for March 16. The suggestions were Carmine and Fayettville. The calendar will be updated with the lunch location.

3. The Facebook update is complete, and everyone appreciates Burnes effort on this project.

4. Jude provided a legislative update: HB748 is requirement for mandatory helmet. Additionally, Senate Bill HB273, and HB248 was introduced in regard to Lane Splitting for Motorcycle. For additionally information, please review the AMA Facebook page. Also, there is a Motorcycle Safety meeting in Kerrville on February 23. The details can be found at Look Learn, Live,

5. A motion was made and approved to provide Mark Rehlan, who is serving in Afghanistan, a membership renewal till March of 2020.

6. Attending were Alain Braux (visitor), Bobby Kent (new member), Mark Johnson, Petra and Robin Krugel, Dale Barnett, Roy Springer, Matt Baxter, (winner of the drawing), Chris Rice, Mike McCrary, Meryl Stoller, Kevin Good, Scott Cooper, Jude Schexnyder, Dave Schani, Ken Korn, Jim Van Cleaf, and Rick Carter

Kevin adjourned the meeting at 7:58 PM

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