Meeting Notes August 2018.

Date posted: 8/13/2018

Kevin called the meeting to order at 7 PM. The following items were discussed:

1. Kevin recognized a guest, Eduardo Anderson. Ed has a GS and will be riding with the group soon.

2. The Treasurer report had an opening balance of $1742, and closing balance of $1401.77.  The expenses for the Fourth of July party and the hat order lowered the balance.

3. Mike  McCrary presented photos of the five week trip to Alaska that he and his group recently completed. The group made it to the arctic circle. It was very interesting. Please contact Mike for details if you missed the meeting.

4. Joe  Aaron gave a summary of the his groups trip to Maggie Valley NC, and they visited the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum, and Barber Museum.

5. Kevin discussed a Ride to New Mexico and Arkansas this fall. It was agreed to send out a survey to determine the interest and possible dates for this event.The Forum is available for member's to input their thoughts  concerning these two trips.

6. Additionally, David Alger and Steve Colwell discussed an opportunity to adopt a highway on 1431. There are two locations available at this time. One section is at Cow Creek, and the other section is 2 miles before Cow Creek. Erick explained the process that is involved in adopting a section of highway. Kevin agreed to determine  what was involved in moving from the current location on HWY 165. Additionally, there was comment to add another location and maintain the HWY 165 location.

7. Robin Jones attended the BMW rally in Iowa, and also presented the Distinguished Gentleman Ride to raise funds for Cancer Research.  A  motion was made and passed unanimously  to sponsor Robin for $200.

New members for this month are Ed Alexander, and Eric Miller. 

Twenty Five members were in attendance: Rick Carter, Steve Colwell, Joe Aaron, Mike McCrary, Kevin Good, Brock Molter, Rich Stott, Dave Schani, Michelle Farrell, Jeff Acklen, Mark Bied, Chris Rice, Matt Baxter, David Alger, Eric Brubaker, Ken Korn, Dave Barnett, Scott Cooper, Adam Caughron, Robin Jones, Ed Alexander, Mark Johnson, Art Zeitz, Ollie Leite, and Meryl Stoller.

The fifty/fifty drawing was won by Rick Carter. It was $39 for Rick and $39 for the Club. Thanks for everyone that contributed to the drawing.

Rick Carter

Hill Country BMW Riders Secretary

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