May Meeting Notes 2019

Date posted: 6/7/2019

Kevin called the meeting order at 7 PM. 1. The Treasurers report stated a balance of $1178.22 May YTD. 2. Kevin gave the group a pop quiz on some Texas landmarks and who could identify their location. Don't believe anyone aced all three. 3. Michelle gave a trip report on Big Bend and California BDR., 800+ miles of desert, mountains and that pesky DEEP sand ! 4.Mark inquired about anyone going to Colorado for the GS Giants rally. Meryl, Jeff and Michelle indicated they would be going. 5. Kevin mentioned Fourth of July club and request for venue suggestions for this year. 6. The raffle was $33, and Kevin was the winner with a split of $17 for the club and $16 to Kevin. 7. Attendees where: Jude Schexnyder, Kevin Good, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Rich Stott, Dave Barnett, Dave Schani, Ken Korn, Olie Leite, Meryl Stoller, Mark Johnson and JB Young.

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