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Date posted: 1/5/2017

Hi Folks, 

We received the following email yesterday from a guy that lives in Alaska, rides a motorcycle and has written about both. I will copy his email below and you can read it. The club officers thought there would be interest in hearing what he has to say. The problem we face is finding a suitable place for a gathering like this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone want to volunteer their home? Contact myself or Kevin with any suggestions. There was actually 2 email exchanged:

From: Philip Freeman
Comment: I am coming down from Alaska to go to the IMS Show in Dallas and also presenting about Alaska at Alamo BMW on February 1st. I wrote a book about riding Alaska and can help riders plan a dream of a lifetime there. The book is called "The Adventurous Motorcyclist's Guide to Alaska". The co author happens to also live in Austin! I live in Girdwood, Alaska.

I have idea I would like to float to you...
I was wondering if there might be a possibility, since I will be in the area, to meet your group in an informal way (like somebody's house for a potluck or something) and just talk about details of Alaska and beyond. I could show some photos, or we could just pull out a map and go over it with the group.

I think an informal venue would be conducive to getting to know you and your group on a more personal level and also it would be more valuable for you in terms of information regarding riding to Alaska, ect.

Its always fun to talk about dream trips and I would very much like to spent that type of quality time with you and your group.

I look forward to your reply,


And the 2nd email:

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