"We are a club of friends who happen to love motorcycling."
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Hill Country BMW Riders is a BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (MOA) Chartered Club (#90) in Austin, Texas.

We gather for breakfast every Saturday and hold a meeting on the first Tuesday evening of every month.

Twice yearly the club ventures forth on overnight trips - to Big Bend National Park in the spring and usually to Arkansas or New Mexico in the fall.

Our club also keeps a two-mile stretch of RM 165 neatly groomed, and provides motorcycles with competent riders to assist in Austin-area triathlons.

The club is very proud of its charity work. At the end of each year, the club makes one or more cash donations to worthy local charities. Our donations in 2014 totaled $1,500.

Club members regularly travel all over the country, and sometimes farther, usually with one or more other club members.

Full membership requires ownership of a BMW motorcycle and a $20 annual fee. Associate membership requires only interest and the same $20 fee. Visitors and guests are always welcome at any club event.

HCBMWR encourages members to share information about safety, best practices and risk management, to learn from each other's experiences, participate in track days and clinics, and to improve their riding skills with regular practice.

"We ride to breakfast: a club dedicated to safety, service, and breakfast."

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